Author: Anita Kelley, Enable Savings Plan Alabama Director

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month! This month serves as a global celebration of individuals with Down syndrome, and the positive impact they have on their families and communities.

In celebration of this awareness month, Enable Alabama has put together some tips to benefit our Account Owners with Down syndrome. Read on to learn more:

Incorporate Assistive Technology:

There are many software options that provide supplemental support in educational endeavors for individuals with disabilities both in and out of the classroom. Ginger is a keyboard assistive technology with word prediction and sentence rephrase features that allow users to type with greater ease. Additionally, Simple Smartphone is an assistive app that allows automatic updates of the latest software, and allows “chosen” family members to receive access to certain information about the user in case of an emergency, simplifying phone use for individuals and their families.

Connect with your Community:
There are many great community organizations within Alabama to explore and become a part of. For example, The Arc of Alabama is a, volunteer-based membership organization whose primary role is to advocate for the rights and protections of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, and can serve as an excellent community resource. The Arc has chapters in many counties in Alabama, providing localized support to individuals with Down syndrome, including information and referral services, and legislative support.

Order an Alabama License Plate to Support Families with Down Syndrome:

A new license plate for Alabama supporting educational resources for families with Down syndrome is now available for pre-order through the end of this month, in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month! The proceeds from the plates, which charge an additional cost on top of regular vehicle registration, will go towards funding educational conferences around the state, which will be free for Down Syndrome families to attend. Register for your plate here.

Use Your Enable Alabama Account for Qualifying Expenses: 

Many services you use may be considered a Qualified Disability Expense, so make sure to take advantage and tap into your Enable Alabama savings to pay for these related - from housing and transportation expenses, health care related expenses to r educational support. Read up on the full list of Qualified Disability Expenses to see what else your Enable Alabama account can cover. 

Have a question about Qualified Disability Expenses and what your account can cover? The Enable Alabama team remains ready to answer any and all questions that new and current Account Owners may have as they navigate the savings landscape. Feel free to get in touch with us at 1-866-833-7949 or via email at