Author: Diane Stewart, Enable Outreach Specialist

This year, as I reflect on Enable Alabama and our many accomplishments, what truly stands out to me is how incredible, passionate and inspiring our local disability community is. To help celebrate these amazing organizations and their advocates, read on for my favorite excerpts from our blog:

Doris Hill, Director, Regional Autism Network at Auburn University (RAN)
The most rewarding part of directing the RAN is having a family member or professional thank you for providing resources for them. Sometimes families get the diagnosis and don’t know where to turn. We are there to help them with the journey from birth to adulthood. Three RAN’s also have a Family Navigator, who is a parent of someone with autism. They bring the lived experience to share with other families and that is also rewarding for all of us.

Macy Vintson, Director of Advancement, Mitchell’s Place
We have students who start our programs with no language, only eating two things, and having meltdowns when their needs are not met. Through the care and intensive therapy they receive, the meltdowns stop, they learn to use their words to express their wants and needs, and we expand their palate so they can eat 4 things! Watching children say "I love you" or even "No!" for the first time just brings tears to your eyes. It is the small milestones that are miracles, and they happen every day.

John Heinl, PASSAGE USA Coordinator, University of South Alabama
Folks in our community know that people with disabilities often have expenses that cannot be met by Social Security, and unfortunately can also have a hard time getting and holding a job that makes up the difference. Parents really understand this, so when an option like Enable Alabama is explained to them, they get understandably excited. As for myself, I’m just glad I can provide some form of hope, as a parent put it, regarding post-high school life.

Damian Veazey, Associate Director of Communications, Lakeshore Foundation
From elite or young athletes, to an injured military service member, or someone recently diagnosed with a medical condition, it’s amazing to witness people's lives change when they realize the vast array of services Lakeshore provides.

Today and every day we are thrilled to spotlight these incredible individuals and community disability organizations. Wishing all a happy and healthy New Year!

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