Author: Anita Kelley, Enable Savings Plan Alabama Director

Yesterday marked the fourth month since the Enable Savings Plan Alabama launched. These past months have been exciting, rewarding and educational for all of us in the Alabama Treasurer’s Office.  Through the many emails, phone calls, and outreach events we have attended or hosted, we have met or spoken with so many of you in our communities that have a loved one with a disability or directly work in a field that serves or assists individuals with a disability.  It has been an honor to talk with each of you and to see the passion and dedication each of you possess.

My eyes have been opened to a world (your world) that I knew very little about before. I’ve learned that our account owners are strong and determined. Whether seeking employment, a new wheelchair or service dog, Enable Alabama savers remain persistent in the pursuit of their goals. I am inspired on a daily basis by their courage. 

I am thankful to have the Enable Savings Plan Alabama in my care. I want to thank all the account owners and their families as well as all the people across the state that have taken on the mission to spread the good word about ABLE. As we move forward through the next year, I am eager to meet more of you and hear your stories. I am equally eager to share how Enable accounts can unfold new possibilities for account owners and their loved ones.