State Treasurer Boozer

In April the state of Alabama passed Act 2018-280, a landmark decision that has already benefited individuals with disabilities throughout the state. This Act grants guardians the right to open, invest in and manage an Enable Alabama account on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Giving guardians this power will go a long way toward simplifying financial matters and making the Enable Alabama program more accessible to eligible individuals and their families.

What’s changed?

Previously, only court-appointed conservators could manage the financial matters and property of individuals with disabilities, while guardians made decisions pertaining to their physical needs. The new guardianship decision allows guardians to manage both the individual’s welfare and their estate. This will streamline account management, and therefore increase the accessibility and convenience of the Enable Alabama program.

The takeaway:

The new law doesn’t change the nature or benefits of Enable Alabama accounts: it simply works to make them more attainable for all qualified Alabamians and their families!

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