Author: Anita Kelley, Enable Savings Plan Alabama Director

Anniversaries are a time for us to reflect and appreciate how far we have come. Later this month we will celebrate three years of Enable Alabama.

I looked back to one of my first blog posts titled “Where We Are Now”.  It showed me how far we have come and the great impact we’ve been able to make on the Enable Alabama community. In that blog article I remark on how this community has opened my eyes, and since then I have been able to experience seeing firsthand the abundance of individuals whom the Plan has benefited.

What I love about Enable Alabama is being “ABLE” to help nurture a community of care. Since that blog was written I have remained inspired on a daily basis when standing alongside our Account Owners and I have enjoyed supporting them as they work towards their goals for financial success.

Since its start, Enable Alabama has had a profound impact on the community and has gotten to work alongside with many disability organizations throughout the state of Alabama. We are proud to highlight organizations making a positive change, and support local programs that enrich the lives of Enable Alabama Account Owners.

I am thankful to be actively involved in our program, and I am thankful for all the opportunities I have to learn from those around me in the Alabama disability community. Additionally, to be able to educate and raise awareness surrounding these important topics is a role I am honored to serve in.

Providing education on financial preparedness to the Enable Alabama community is one way we go about serving our Account Owners. We are happy to provide benefits which make it easier to save such as gifting options, automatic contributions to simplify your financial goals and a variety of educational resources on how to make the most of Enable Alabama’s tax advantage savings. Each Account Owner has their individual plan for their financial future and the support we bring is just as tailored. 

We here at Enable Alabama are excited for what comes next. Thank you to our Account Owners who have been with us and for all the Account Owners still yet to come. Enable Alabama looks forward to all that the future holds, and your future successes.