Welcome to the Enable Savings Plan Alabama blog! This blog is dedicated to providing resources, sharing stories, and engaging with the community Enable Alabama is ready to build and serve.

We recognize that many Alabama residents have unique needs, and our focus has been to better understand and serve them. Designed with the disabled community the Enable Savings Plan Alabama is simple, easy to understand, and offers valuable educational tools to help you achieve financial independence.

Enable Alabama is excited to launch our plan that allows account owners to save up to $14,000 annually in their own names, and their total assets can grow to $100,000 without impacting resource-based benefits such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income. Previously, people with disabilities generally became ineligible for these benefits if they had more than $2,000 in assets in their name.

Having seen the success that Nebraska’s Enable Savings Plan has had since its national launch in June, we are proud to offer our own personalized plan for Alabama residents beginning today. Through a partnership with the state of Nebraska we’ve been able to bring our own unique plan to our citizens.

Please continue to visit us here for updates as we get Enable Alabama up and running. Ask questions. Share your experiences. We look forward to having you as a member of our community.

- Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer