Author: Anita Kelley, Enable Savings Plan Alabama Director

This past spring has been an extraordinary one. Full of new challenges, this experience reminds us every day of how important our communities and connections are in providing support, resources and opportunities for joy.

As spring turns to summer, we encourage all members of the Enable Alabama community to stay involved with the networks that enrich our lives so much. Read on for a few of our favorite ways to connect, learn and grow together this summer.

Tune in to Live Events

The past few months have seen an incredible upswell of live-streamed events, enabling communities to come together in unprecedented ways. At-home concerts from our favorite artists, virtual museum tours from around the world and live-streamed community classes on everything from beginner baking to ancient history are each exciting opportunities to connect and share experiences.

Even better, the fun of tuning in to a live event does not have to end when the stream is over. In fact, even more joy and connectedness can come from sharing your experience with friends and family. After the event, schedule a call to discuss your favorite parts of the event, what you learned, and what you’re looking forward to next time.

Support Local Organizations

Many local organizations in the disability community and beyond are working hard to help all of us stay connected and make an impact. Following these organizations on social media and signing up for their newsletters will help keep you in the know about upcoming initiatives and opportunities to get involved throughout the summer and beyond.

Start an Activity Group

A fun and long-lasting way to stay connected this summer is to help organize an activity group in your community. Reading a new book you love? Start a monthly book group! Learning new skills in the kitchen? Help start a recipe exchange, or a regular virtual dinner party. The possibilities are nearly limitless - whether your group shares art, plays games, watches movies or just takes time to talk, it can help lay the foundation for a fun and connection-filled summer.

This summer, as we all explore new ways to stay connected and engage with our local community, Enable Alabama is proud to do our part through providing robust tools for financial stability and independence. If you have any questions about your account, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at or by phone at 1-866-833-7949.