Author: Anita Kelley, Enable Savings Plan Alabama Director, Alabama State Treasury

Every year as Mother’s Day approaches, I feel an immense amount of love and appreciation as I think about my mom, mothers across the world, and my own motherhood journey. Moms truly are amazing—and this is proven to me on a daily basis through my work with mothers of Enable Alabama savers.

Since we first started work to launch the Enable Savings Plan Alabama, I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many moms who have served as fierce advocates for their children ensuring they have access to the financial funds they need to achieve a better life. Whether they help their child open an account, make monthly contributions to an account, or simply share their financial tips—it has been inspiring to see the support given by Enable Alabama moms.

I recently came across a article about an amazing mom, Kim Smith, who reminds me of many Enable Alabama moms. After becoming frustrated at the lack of dance classes available to her daughter, Reagan, who has autism, Kim took matters into her own hands and created “A Chance to Dance”—a dance class for students with a variety of disabilities and conditions.

Like Kim, mothers of Enable Alabama savers strive to ensure an inclusive world for their children. They find, or create, solutions to the challenges faced by their child. They are strong, supportive and determined. I am honored to help Enable Alabama moms help their children, and am grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn from them in return.

This Mother’s Day, I hope you feel supported. I hope you feel strong, recognized and loved. On behalf of the Enable Alabama Savings team, Happy Mother’s Day.