Author: Terry Severson, Director, Savings Plans Marketing, First National Bank of Omaha

Have you been sticking to your 2020 budget and making smart financial decisions? If not, don’t panic – it’s not too late to get back on track. This May is National Recommitment Month, which serves as a great opportunity to ‘recommit’ to your finances.

To help you stay on track, we’ve created a checklist to reinforce your goals and to help guide you every step of the way.

  • Re-evaluate Your Goals: Look back on the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Are you on track to achieve them? If not, list out attainable action items you can take to help get you there, and if need be, adjust your goal to meet your realistic capabilities. If you are making good progress, or if you have even already achieved your goal, create a new goal to work towards.
  • Use the Automatic Investment Plan (AIP): This feature allows Account Owners to schedule recurring contributions to their Enable Alabama account, setting the stage for a hands-off yet consistent approach to savings.
  • Track Your Budget: On a monthly basis, review your purchases and track your spending against that of previous months. If you find you are spending more, create a plan to help keep your spending on track and see what expenses you are able to cut down on.
  • Utilize the Systematic Withdrawal Program: With this feature you can send a pre-determined dollar amount from your Enable Alabama account to an individual or company each month to pay bills. This will help take one item off your monthly to-do list and also helps solidify your budget and savings allocations.
  • Go Digital: Save a record of your purchases digitally when possible. Not only is this better for the environment than stacking up paper receipts, but it provides for easier access and better financial organization.
  • Be Secure: Make sure to regularly update your passwords, and review your statements across all financial accounts to ensure you have maximum protection and that all transactions are accounted for.
  • Tap into Friends and Family: Looking to give your savings an extra boost? Remind friends and family they can gift to your Enable Savings Plan Alabama account for birthdays and holidays through gift contributions or Ugift in lieu of or in addition to other gifts.  
  • Do Your Research: Stay up to date with the latest Enable Alabama account information by reading our weekly blogs, newsletters and announcements posted on our website.

If you have any additional questions regarding your account or these Enable Alabama tools, please reach out to the Enable Alabama team at 1-866-833-7949 or