Author: Terry Severson, Director, Savings Plans Marketing, First National Bank of Omaha

It’s that time of year again—summer is ending and students, parents, and teachers across the country are preparing to return to school. As we brace ourselves for the new school year, I am reminded of a great story I recently encountered:

Keith Griffith, a 2016 high school graduate from Alabama who has Down syndrome, was accepted to the University of Southern Alabama’s PASSAGE USA certificate program. PASSAGE, which stands for ‘Preparing All Students Socially and Academically for Gainful Employment,’ allows individuals with developmental disabilities to attend classes and reach their career goals.

Keith’s reaction to his acceptance was captured in an inspiring video filled with excitement. I was equally proud of him—and hope to see more universities implement programs to make education inclusive for individuals with disabilities.  

At Enable Alabama, we strive to encourage our account owners’ education goals. As you or your loved one heads back to school, remember that education expenses, including tuition for pre-school through post-secondary schools, are qualified disability expenses that Enable Alabama savings can be used to pay for.

On behalf of the entire Enable Alabama team, have a great school year. We know you’ll meet amazing new friends and educators. We’d love to see your back to school pictures—feel free to tag us on Facebook using @EnableSavingsPlanAlabama.  

Read more about Keith’s story here: